Gardening is a rich and rewarding hobby, a far healthier choice than spending time in front of the computer screen or television. Out in the garden, we have the opportunity to ponder God’s majestic creation, being intrigued by the marvels of His handiwork, such as pollination, germination, or photosynthesis. The miracles happening around us in the garden are a showcase of God’s love and grace. When we put that little seed in our child’s hand, and teach him about their Creator, we are placing in his hands opportunities of hope, new life, and a closer walk with the Savior.


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Ruth Ng has homeschooled her children for twelve years and resides in Ontario, Canada. Before homeschooling her children, she was an RN. She loves to write, travel to Hong Kong, teach children, be with family and friends, and learn new insights about God’s Word. Together, she and her husband have a calling to reach out to orphans. Please visit their family website at

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Publication date: May 3, 2013