So . . . Recommendations?

Like I said, the iPad is obviously a totally different animal; it’s more like a computer. And when you look at it that way, $499 doesn’t sound all that bad, after all. Since this thing can almost do everything your computer can, you may be relieved to know that the parental controls on an iPad are quite advanced. You can limit access to just about any type of app and control the usage of almost every service. It’s really a well thought-out device.

These are some amazing products. Each of them serves as an excellent textbook replacer. Currently, I believe the iPad is the best mobile educational tool on the market (in case you couldn’t tell). However, if we’re simply talking about E-Book readers only, I’d say the Kindle is the best buy for the money. Again, the Nook is just too glitchy and slow for my patience (or lack thereof).

As remarkable as these devices are, I don’t think they will do away with the book-publishing industry as we know it. There’s nothing like relaxing next to the fireplace with a paperback novel or reading to your children from one of their favorite storybooks. However, I do believe that these devices will make textbooks as we currently know them obsolete.

I hope this article gave you a sneak peek as to the direction education is headed and helped you understand some of the cutting-edge technology being developed for the market right now. The next article will highlight some online services and software that can greatly enhance your homeschooling.

Paulie Suarez is a Christian homeschool graduate who is now in college pursuing a degree in computer science. Paulie has a specific passion for mobile electronics and SmartPhone development. He has extensive experience in Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows. Hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee, bass guitar and music studio mixing, and mountain biking. Visit Paulie at, or you can contact him at

Publication date: August 17, 2012