If you enjoy learning it, you’ll actually learn. If you’re stuck memorizing, you’ll hate it. And if your schooling is causing you or your student to hate learning, then it’s not only pointless, but it’s also a disservice to the student.


Here are some of the companies I mentioned above that you should keep a close eye on.

Apple. For the first time ever, I really have my eye on Apple. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mac cult, but they seem to be leading the consumer tech industry both hardware- and software-wise. They have the biggest app store and offer some of the most advanced devices on the market. I’m now a huge fan of the Mac and OS X for reasons I can’t completely cover here. Keep your eye on them. They’re worth researching further.

Google. Well you already know and use Google every day whether you realize it or not. Google is everywhere: on your computers, in your phone, at your library, orbiting around the globe, on the streets (through Google Maps: Street View or their access to just about every street camera), in just about every store, school, and government building. Basically anywhere there is civilization, there is Google. 

So get to know Google; they probably already know you. But Google shouldn’t be looked at as an enemy at all. Sure, it’s a scary thought that they “own the globe,” but they’re a very smart, secure company and I’m actually pretty comfortable knowing that. Google pumps out some of the most valuable, advanced, free software and services on their, um, I mean, on the globe. Google is very much in support of the advancement of technology in the education sector, and they’ve really proven that with everything I mentioned above. Create a Google account.

In Closing . . . 

We live in a futuristic age. In some ways we have more advanced technology at our disposal than Captain Kirk did, which is a pretty funny thought. I hope this article helped you understand some of the cutting-edge technology that’s being developed and rolled into the market right now. These extremely useful resources have dramatically improved my academic life, and I hope they will do the same for you and your children. I imagine some day soon we’ll see education, and the culture as a whole, become a more self-taught society and less “formal-education” dependent.

To the students who are reading this, I challenge you to take hold of your own education, accomplish the goals you set, be passionate about your hobbies, pursue your interests, and make a difference! And remember, do all things for the Glory of Christ in whatever career or goal you’re pursuing, because in the end, past all of this, that’s all that will really matter.

Paulie Suarez is a Christian homeschool graduate who is now in college pursuing a degree in computer science. Paulie has a specific passion for mobile electronics and SmartPhone development. He has extensive experience in Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, and Windows. Hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee, bass guitar and music studio mixing, and mountain biking. Visit Paulie at www.shatteringwindows.com or you can contact him at paul@shatteringwindows.com 

Publication date: August 27, 2012