Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran (I won't say "old-timer"), taking a learning styles quiz will help you understand and build a curriculum around your children's learning styles. As we all know, homeschooling is not just a method of education, it's a lifestyle. We want our children to become lifetime learners not only because it's a wonderfully natural way to be, but because they will need this if they are to keep up in this fast-changing world. The best way to become a lifetime learner is to develop a passion for learning. The best way to develop that passion is to make learning fun, relevant and fascinating. When you do, you will simply be passing along and sharing in your child's natural joy of learning. This is one of the best ways to create lifelong learners—by making homeschooling fun.

Every student has a completely unique way of learning. This quiz will help you find your children's different "types" and design a curriculum that makes learning—and teaching—much more fun and effective.

Here's an easy Learning Styles/Learning Personality quiz for you and your children to take (each person should do his or her own quiz).

First, identify your primary learning "modality." Circle the one answer that MOST describes you.

1. Are you good with your hands?
        c) yes d) no

2. Do you enjoy listening to audio books (books-on-tape)?
        a) yes d) no

3. How do you learn best?
a) I learn best by listening
        b) I learn best by reading
        c) I learn best by touching or building things

4. I am very aware of, and sensitive to, the sounds around me.
        a) yes d) no

5. I am very aware of, and sensitive to, the visual details around me. I notice what people around me are wearing. I notice little details.
        b) yes d) no

6. I like to move around. Sometimes I think best if I can pace or tap my pencil or wiggle my legs.
        c) yes d) no

7. I love to read. The more books the better.
        b) yes d) no

8. When I really want someone to understand me...
        a) I talk to them about it
        b) I write my idea down on paper

9. I do NOT do well in a classroom setting.
        c) True. Classrooms don't work that well for me.
        d) False. I can sit still just fine.

10. I am a natural athlete.
        c) yes d) not really

11. When I was younger, people thought I was "hyperactive".
        c) yes d) no

12. When I get something new, I almost always read the directions.
        b) yes d) no

13. I tend to hum and/or sing to myself.
        a) yes d) no

14. I love to write (letters, journals, etc).
        b) yes d) no

15. I can talk on the phone for a very long time.
        a) yes d) no

Score your answers.