2. Stick to a schedule

Create protective boundaries for your child’s time and talents, and teach them to protect these too. In an age-appropriate manner, help your child make a schedule that manages their responsibilities and freedoms. In doing this, you will lay a foundation for a lifestyle of orderliness that reflects the character of God.

3. Work wisely

Proverbs 3:19-20 testifies that God’s acts of creation were rooted in wisdom. Likewise, in an age-appropriate manner, require that research be done before pursuing creative passions. Have students to submit plans that reflect thoughtfulness and which thoroughly outline their goals and methods from start to finish. Remind them: It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way (Proverbs 19:2).

4. Faithfully pursue excellence

Creation displays the character of the Creator: His works are excel­lent, and He is faithful in all He does. Require that creative pursuits must be completed in full and with excellence before the next project or pursuit may begin. Determine these standards ahead of time so there is no confusion about whether a project has reached its completion. As your child fulfills projects with excellence, you will be laying foundations that will enable them to fulfill their calling in Christ in the years to come.

5. Patiently protect

Pray often and remember, growth takes time. While your child is maturing, pa­tiently guard what God has entrusted to you until they’re ready to manage their inheritance on their own. As you faithfully apply the principle of con­trolled creativity to your child’s growth, you’ll find it’s worth the work.

Reprinted with Permission from Home Educating Family Magazine, 2011 Issue 1.

Janine is wife to one fabulous husband, home­schooling mom to four spunky kids, and caretaker of one resilient aloe plant. She and her family live in the suburbs of Chicago, but you can visit her at JaninePetry.com.

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