Whether you want to write for publication or just for your own satisfaction, you must never stop trying to improve your skills. A writer, like a dancer, can always continue to learn. Read books about writing, or find a class or conference to attend. Join a writers’ circle or critique group (but make sure you can accept criticism first).Above all, keep writing! No matter how long or hard the road, real writers continue to write. It's what we do, a calling we cannot deny.

If you feel the call to write fiction, get started today. Write whenever you can, even if you have only five or ten minutes to spend. Put yourself on a schedule. Persevere, and use the inevitable setbacks as encouragement to work harder and learn more. You can decide to quit or refuse to let yourself try, but you will never stop being a writer as long as you keep putting words on the page. It isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing is.

Now, put down this magazine and write!

Susan Spann is a partner in the law firm Llewellyn Spann, where she specializes in copyright, trademark, and corporate law. Formerly a professor at Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California, she currently teaches business law at William Jessup University. She blogs on legal issues from a Christian worldview at http://homeschoolblogger.com/susanspann/

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Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine, Winter 2010-11.

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