2. Historic Waterways

Activity: Look for the major rivers in your state and discover which towns or cities are located near them. Look at the history of one of those towns and find out what part the waterway played in the settlement of the area. Many towns have websites that feature accessible historical documents.  


1. Major Cities 

Activity: Identify the largest cities by reviewing a population chart. Locate those cities on a map of your state.

2. In-Depth Study

Activity: Investigate a different city from the one you picked during the waterways lesson. Find out when it was founded and why. Research what its major industries used to be. What different groups of people settled in that city? What historical sites are there? Design a poster telling about the history of that city.


1. Capital

Activity: Visit your state’s Capitol building in person or online.  

2. Organization

Activity: Find out how your state government is organized politically. Write to one of your state representatives or senators and request information about your state government.    

Historical Places and Tourist Sites

1. Tourism

Activity: Visit an online tourist site, or pick up pamphlets about your state’s main attractions in a Welcome Center. Make your own travel brochure, highlighting the most interesting places with hand-drawn pictures and short descriptions.  

2. Locations

Activity: Using a road map, circle the locations of the tourist sites that you chose.


1. Land Travel

Activity: What were some of the early forms of transportation in your state? Using cereal box cardboard, make a 3-D model of one of them.

2. Water Travel

Activity: What kinds of boats were first used in your state? Look for an interesting story involving water travel. Make up a skit about it. 

War Involvement

1. State’s Role

Activity: What battles were fought in your state? What part did your state play in each of the early wars? Look for names of organizations that ministered to victims. Make a timeline listing the information that you found, and include these wars: Revolutionary War (1775–1783), French and Indian War (1756–1763), Civil War (1861–1865), War of 1812 (1812–1815), and the Spanish-American War (1898). 

2. Specific People 

Activity: Make a list of commanding officers and heroes from your state. Include the hometowns of those war veterans. One place to look is www.homeofheroes.com.

Famous People

1. Presidents

Activity: Were any U.S. Presidents born in your state or did any of them live there at any time? Have their birthplaces or residences become historical sites? Visit them or learn about them online.  

2. Industry

Activity: Were any famous industrialists from your state? What industries were they involved in? Some books written about your state will offer this information, or you can type in a search on the Internet for “famous industrialists from (your state’s name).” Create line drawings to represent the industries. Use your line drawings to illustrate the lists of men that you found who are famous for developing that industry. You can post your drawings above the lists, use the drawings to encircle the lists, or use the names of the industrialists as the lines in your designs.

3. Writers, Actors, Musicians, Artists, and Other Famous People