Major Events 

Discuss some major events in Biblical history. (Creation—Genesis 1, First Sin—Genesis 3, Flood—Genesis 7, Tower of Babel—Genesis 11)  

Natural Resources

Discuss man’s relationship to creation. (Genesis 1:26-30Psalms 8:6-8Matthew 10:31)


Look at some history of Jerusalem, originally named Salem. (Genesis 14:18Judges 1:8  1 Chronicles 11:4-8  2 Chronicles 2Ezra 1:1-4  Nehemiah 2:5-20Matthew 21:9-11Acts 2)*


Discuss what our attitude toward government should be. (Matthew 22:18-21Acts 5:27-29 1 Timothy 2:1-3)

Historical Sites

Read about some historical sites of the Bible. (Oaks of Mamre—Genesis 13:18; Bethel—Genesis 35:1; Red Sea—Exodus 14:13-31; Mount Sinai—Exodus 19:18-25; Solomon’s Temple—1 Kings 6)


Look up Bible references to transportation. (Exodus 14:9Numbers 22:22-31Nehemiah 7:6  Nehemiah 7:68-69  Acts 8:26-31  Luke 19:28-38)

War Involvement

Read about some wars noted in the Bible. (Israelites vs. Jericho—Joshua 6:1-20, Israel vs. Aram—2 Kings 6:8-23)

Famous People

Read and discuss the famous Biblical people of faith. (Hebrews 11)

State Science

1. Trees 

Activity: Find a book or a website about trees that can be found in your state. Use it to identify the local trees in your neighborhood or park. Learn about products that come from each tree and the history of the tree. Was it originally brought from another country or another state? Make a chart with these headings: common name, scientific name, average height, location in state, products, and history. 

2. Flowers

Activity: Make colored drawings of flowers found in your state, or find a list of your state’s flowers and write down which ones you’ve seen. If possible, find out which are indigenous to your state. 

3. Animals

Activity: First, make a list of animals common to your state. Then, do a more in-depth study of one of them and write a report about that animal. Include whether that animal always lived in your state or where it originally came from, if possible.

Rusty and Sandy Sieber live near Thompsontown, Pennsylvania, and have always homeschooled their four children. Suzanne and Tad have graduated. Matt will finish this year, but Ben will be their student for a few more years. Sandy holds a M.Ed. and works part-time as a substitute teacher. She has written workbooks for students to use when studying Pennsylvania history. Her website is  

Publication date: October 12, 2012