Ibid.             ibidem                    in the same place Used in research to indicate that the source cited is

                                                the same as the last one mentioned.

id.                idem                      Means the same as ibid., but is used more commonly in legal documents

i.e.               id est                      that is Used to further explain something. (Example: Please list members of your immediate family, i.e., mother, father, brothers, and siblings

lb.                libra                       a pound Now used to denote the measurement of a pound.

M.O.             modus operandi        method of operation Police sometimes use this to describe the usual way a criminal operates. 

N.B.             Nota Bene               Note Well Often used in research and can be used to note important comments in textbooks or notes.

No.                  numero                   Number (Example: Please note page no. 54.)

non seq.         non sequitur                it does not logically follow

p.d.                 per diem                 per day  (Example: The worker was paid $50 p.d.)

P.S.                 Post Scriptum          written after (the main letter or document)

R.I.P.              Requiescat In Pace    Rest in Peace Sometimes seen on tombstones.

vs. or v.          versus                    against or in opposition to

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