Making New Friends

Co-op provides a great opportunity for your children to have regular interaction with their friends. Sure, I take my kids on field trips and other group activities, but if there aren’t many things scheduled in a given month, several weeks may go by before we get together with friends. Co-op gives us a chance to regularly fellowship with other homeschoolers. My children have enjoyed having the opportunity to hang out with friends their age. During the lunch break each week I have the opportunity to interact with other moms who are in the same stage of life as I am, and to make some new friends myself.

For us, co-op has been a great experience. My children look forward to it all week, and they have a great time while we are there. It is far from being the private school setup that I originally thought it to be. Of course, as with anything, there are days that are very hard for us. If I have a fussy baby, that makes the day more difficult. My 4-year-old always misses her nap on co-op day, so that can be hard. There are days when someone is sick, and consequently we stay home. However, overall we have been very happy with our decision to join a co-op. It has been well worth the money we have invested.

In each homeschool family’s journey there are seasons, and as time passes, those seasons naturally change. This past year, our family experienced a change of season. We all needed something different in our homeschool, a change of pace. It was our season to try some new things and meet some new people. It was a time for us to join a co-op.

Are the seasons in your homeschool journey changing? Perhaps it’s time to try something new and to become a part of a homeschool co-op.

Nicole Neeley lives in the Deep South and is a wife and homeschool mom to four great kids. She very much enjoys writing for her blog, poring over seed catalogs, spending hours in her garden, perusing the local library, and drinking lots and lots of hot tea. You can follow along on their homeschooling adventures by visiting her blog at  

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Publication date: February 15, 2013