Most home-schooling families have the time to select carefully the curriculum materials they will use. Some families choose materials from a wide variety of publishers and sources, while others select a complete curriculum package from home-school suppliers like Sonlight, Calvert School, Alpha Omega Publications, KONOS, and home-school curriculum suppliers. A few families choose to use correspondence or distance learning programs for elementary and high school developed by major colleges and universities, or video projects like A Beka’s Video Home School. 

However, sometimes a family needs a complete curriculum almost immediately, and they do not have either the time to leisurely review available curricula, or the money to buy one. What are some of the reasons this might happen? 

1.  A family may need to homeschool on an emergency basis.  A situation at school may be untenable. Reasons can range from such widely disparate types of incidents as bullying, severe allergies to something in the school environment, an inappropriate curriculum that cannot be changed, or a complete disrespect for a child’s religious beliefs. In some cases, it is imperative to remove the child from school and begin home schooling as soon as possible, and a curriculum may literally be needed overnight.  

2.  Previously selected home-schooling curriculum may not be working at all with a particular child. A family needs to make an immediate change, but does not have the money to purchase new curricula at the present time. 

3.  Due to a job change or military activation, a family is suddenly transferred to a new location.  Although the children may have been attending public or private school in their old hometown, either no appropriate school placement exists in the new area or there isn’t time to make an adequate choice, and the family decides to home school instead.  

4.  A local or national emergency makes it impossible for a child enrolled in public or private school to attend school for a period of time.

 5.   A family needs more time to review possible curricula to purchase.  However, they must have something to use in the meantime until a proper review and purchase of curriculum can take place.

 6.  In just two or three months, an academically advanced home-schooled child completes the year’s curriculum his parents have purchased in just two or three months. The family needs to obtain additional materials, but does not yet have the money, or needs extra time to locate appropriate materials.