• Have older students read from Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.” Discuss its impact.
  • Write a newspaper article that reports pertinent information about people and events.
  • Write a paragraph about several key people of the Revolution (Dr. Joseph Warren, James Otis, Paul Revere). See Picture Book of Revolutionary War Heroes by Leonard Everett Fisher.
  • List the American and British generals. Also list battles.
  • List Founding Fathers: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. Write a short biography of each one. 
  • Take dictation from the book Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes.
  • Write out the first part of the Declaration of Independence.
  • List names given to people associated with both Britain and the Colonies: Americans, patriots, Whigs, Rebels, Revolutionaries, Loyalists, Lobsterbacks, Tories, Redcoats, Minuteman.
  • Read about the Boston Tea Party. Write about it as if you were one of the Sons of Liberty.

Geography and Maps

Make the following maps:

  • 13 Colonies map.
  • Boston map (showing key places in Boston, such as the Old North church, the harbor, Paul Revere’s ride, etc.)
  • An area map of key cities and towns, such as Boston, Lexington, Concord, and Charleston.
  • A world map showing England, the British Colonies, the distance across the Atlantic, Boston, etc.



  • Find out about America’s Godly heritage to discover how the principles the Founders stood on has made her a powerful and successful nation.
  • Read this article about the destiny of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
  • View the cartoon by Benjamin Franklin titled “Join or Die” and find out what it means. Then draw your own version of it. 
  • A whole study could be done on George Washington alone, but for now, read, then write a paper about the Battle of Trenton, when Washington crossed the Delaware River. 

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