Before I home schooled my kids I had this thought in my head that I would always have to know more than they in order to properly instruct them.  I decided that even though I was seriously lacking in some education areas, like math, I knew enough to teach my five- year-old, so I dove in head-first.  I wondered though how I was going to keep up with the children’s increasing need to learn more than I knew.


Isn’t it peculiar that we allow fear of the future to sometimes hamper us in our walk with the Lord? I kept expecting the day to come when the kids would look at me and say, “Mom, you just aren’t smart enough for me anymore.”


After home schooling for a couple of years though, my thinking changed.  I realized that I was learning right along with the children, and they didn’t even know it.  But they would be able to catch my excitement as I learned something new.  As time passed I decided to use my lack of knowledge to my advantage. 


If I was feeling a bit burned out in our home schooling, I would think about a subject or topic that I wanted to study.  Then we would all study it together.  This would fuel excitement in my children as well as show them that learning is a life long endeavor.


I often comment that being a home-schooling parent enables me to fill in the holes that were left after my own formal education was completed. Hopefully I will have made such an impact on my own children that they too will home school their children, then they can also fill in any holes they may have.


As our schooling progressed I realized my children would learn a lot more than I ever did.  They would also learn more specifics and hold onto them longer.  Just yesterday my eight-year-old son,  John, said to me, “Mom, what two rodents emit an odor?”  Of course I responded that it was a skunk and an opossum.  He looked at me with disbelief, “How’d you know that?”  The kids love to try to stump me with new information. 


I hesitated as I thought about the best way to respond.  My ego wanted to simply tell him I’m just naturally smart and know everything.  But my conscience took over as I said, “You told me a couple of months ago.”  He smiled at the thought that he had taught me something. My kids teach me things all the time.  I am so blessed to be able to share so much of their lives and minds with them.