At the same time, we must try to be that encouragement and support for others. Look for those families around you who may need to be “stayed up” for a while. We are living out God’s Word when we heed His admonition to “bear one another’s burdens.”

Praying to Strengthen the Vision

One of the biggest realities that ever hit me was when I began to grasp just the edges of the magnitude of the ministry God has given me in training my children. I have often heard other parents say, and I’ve said so myself, that my children are my mission field. Yet, that entails so much more than I can fully understand. I need to be constantly aware that my children are only mine to train for a season. It goes by as fast as a warm summer day! Suddenly, they’re grown. Maybe this will sound like an echo, but if you do nothing else, pray, pray, pray! My vision must be ever renewed and bathed in vigilant, fervent prayer. Oh, to be ever mindful of that!

The time will come when our homeschooling will be complete, but our parenting will not. We made a sacrifice to teach our children at home, so let us not grow weary at this juncture. Let’s examine the fullness of the role we’ve been given. Let’s set aside our daily encumbrances for just a bit, while we revive our vision and seek God’s best for the lives and futures of our families. 

Naomi and her husband Jeff are the parents of two teen and three adult children. They have homeschooled for 15 years. She has a website dedicated to the encouragement of homeschoolers which can be found at

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