If you see your child struggling with something, ask yourself if a simple little ditty might not alleviate some of his frustration. Grab a pencil. Write down the main items you'd like him to retain. Then begin a simple rhyming scheme. One of my favorite online tools for finding unique words that rhyme can be found at www.rhymezone.com. It's a great resource. It will put an end to the creation of boring and typical rhymes. So instead of always choosing fool or spool to rhyme with school, you'll have some fresh options, such as gruel, milking stool, garden tool, swimming pool, and majority rule. Oh, yeah. And ditties are cool. 

*This article published on February 25, 2010.

Carol Barnier, author of The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles, is a popular conference speaker who lives with her husband and three kids in Connecticut, where she is forever in search of another ditty. Want her to speak for your group? Or just want to get your hands on some more ditties? Check out www.CarolBarnier.com

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