And guess what?  They took it and ran with it.  Every Monday, Laurie gave them their assignments for the week in their (Wal-Mart) planner, and off they went to organize themselves for the week.  Many times, they came back with the work done by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Asking for more!


They knew that finishing was a reward. They were trained to learn.  They were inspired to work.  We had unknowingly prepared them for the Grand Plan for 12 years or more. 


Now don't get us wrong.  It wasn't a perfect "system."  There were times when things weren't going smoothly that we had to adjust.  We asked God constantly for wisdom.  But with the "Grand Plan" and the "Daily Planner," we were able to keep our kids on track.


The real irony is that our kids think that they taught themselves. (They just don’t know how smart their parents really are.)  Frankly, neither did we.


David and Laurie Callihan are authors of the brand new "Christian Homeschool Daily Planner" (with their "Grand Plan" built right into it), and "The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School: A Parent’s Guide for Preparing Home School Students for College or Career." 

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