Raising backyard chickens is a wonderful family project. So much can be learned about health, animal science, profit versus cost, and so much more. Many 4-H groups have poultry projects or clubs where the children can learn about and show poultry. I know that I have learned right along with my children as we've gotten started with chickens. We've had a great time and learned so much through it all--even the truth behind the clichés "birds of a feather flock together" and "madder than a wet hen"! So just do your research and start small. You just might find that adding a backyard flock is a simple step toward living more simply and healthy.


Nancy Carter, Senior Editor of HomesteadBlogger.com is a homesteading, homeschooling wife and mother of three sons. She enjoys blogging with the other homesteaders at www.HomesteadBlogger.com/HSBFrontPorch and writing for the Natural Schoolhouse. Her family enjoys a lifestyle of learning on their farm in Kentucky.

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