Building Community
Now that you have located a profitable niche that has needs and is willing to pay to have them met, you know what those needs are, and you know what products will fulfill those needs, you begin by building a community. Notice that I haven't said anything about building a website yet! You are going to need a website eventually, but first you need a way to communicate with your visitors after they leave your website. Face it. Not many people buy something on their first visit to a website. Do you?

You need to communicate with your visitors through email so that you can continue to dialog with them about their unique needs (which you know from your survey and your keyword research). You need to give them lots of great tips and knowledge so that they begin to trust you--that you really know what you are talking about. You need to share stories about your shared need (you are a part of the niche, after all) and tell them that you understand ... and that you even have the solution to their need. And this is where you build community--community through email loops, blogs, newsletters, Yahoo groups, and articles. You are finding people in your niche so that you can attract them to your site and offer them the solution to their needs.

The next step is easy. All you do is create a simple website, place a product or two on that website, collect the money through a shopping cart, and deliver the product through one of the means described above. You have already done the hard part by finding the niche, ascertaining what people in the niche need, finding the product that meets that need, and beginning to build a community that is aware of what you have to offer.

Now all you have to do is create more awareness of your site through your community, optimizing your web pages to rank well in the search engines and writing articles relevant to your niche for the Internet article directories. That's really all there is to it. And if you love the same things that your niche loves, it's almost like getting paid to have fun!


Stephen Beck is a homeschool dad of three and makes his living teaching families how to start their own business on the Internet. He is currently attending seminary to become a pastor. He would like to give you a free report, "How to Choose the Right Product to Sell on the Internet." To get this report, please visit his website at

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