•   Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in setting up America's first fire insurance company in 1752. Pretend that you lived during that time period and develop an advertisement for this company.

     •   One of Ben Franklin's sayings was, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He was referring to the importance of fire safety. Come up with your own saying about fire safety and record it.

     •   Write a report on how to leave a building that is on fire. What things do you check? Do you walk out? Should you put your hand on the doorknob to see if it is hot? If you catch on fire what do you do?


     •   In order for a fire to burn it needs to have three things present—oxygen, fuel and heat. Experiment by lighting a candle and placing a canning jar over top of it. What happens to the flame?

     •   Try this experiment outside. Fill a glass jar one-third with white vinegar. Make sure lid is dry. Poke hole in lid. Using tissue paper, place over rim and make small cup, filling it with two tablespoons of baking soda. Place lid on jar, without mixing. Light candle, mix vinegar and baking soda and point mixture at the flame. Watch your homemade fire extinguisher in action.

     •   Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod which was instrumental in preventing fires. Research why this works.

     •   Check your home to see if you have any fire safety hazards and see what you can do to eliminate them.

     •   Practice your escape route in case of a fire.

     •   There are four classes of fire: A - Fires with trash, wood, paper or other combustible materials as the fuel source;   B - Fires with flammable or combustible liquids as the fuel source; C - Fires involving electrical equipment and D - Fires with certain ignitable metals as a fuel source. Find out what kind of fire extinguisher is needed for each class.


     •   Fire hoses come in different sizes and lengths. If a fire hose that is 1-1/2 inches wide can pump 155 gallons of water each minute, how much water will be used putting out a fire that lasts 30 seconds?

     •   A fireman has a twenty foot ladder that is extended. He is three quarters of the way up the ladder when he realizes he forgot his hatchet. He goes all the way down and then up to the top of the building. How much distance has he covered?

Social Studies

     •   There have been many famous fires throughout history. Research what happened to the Hindenburg disaster and write a report.

     •   Research and find out how fires at sea are extinguished.

     •   The first women firefighters were Molly Williams, Judith Livers and Toni McIntosh. Pick one of these women and write a story about her experiences.

     •   Dalmatian dogs were first used with fire companies when fire trucks were pulled by horses. Find out what you can about these dogs and why this breed was picked to be a mascot.