•   How are fires fought in space? Research the Apollo spacecraft fire.

     •   Smokey the Bear has been the icon for preventing forest fires since 1944. Draw a picture of him.

     •   The Great Fire of London started September 2, 1666. Find out where this fire started and what happened.

Field Trips

     •   Take a tour of your local fire department. October is a busy time due to fire safety week, so perhaps you want to pick a different month for this one. One thing that we often have tried to do on the off months is to make cards and bake cookies to let them know that we appreciate the service they provide. About 73% of firefighters in America are volunteers. Did you know that Ben Franklin started America's first Volunteer Fire Department in 1736? It was called the Union Fire Company.

     •   Research and see if you have any fire museums in your area that you can visit. 

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