Think about materials they will need for nest building and plant fuzzy plants or put out nesting materials. Milk weed and tree lichens are used for nests. Why are these preferable to the birds?

What water sources are important to hummingbirds? How do these birds bathe and how do you think this defines where the birds range? Be sure to provide a water source in your hummingbird garden.

Provide small perches and lichens for nesting, avoid insecticides, prepare and hang a feeder. Try tying bright-colored ribbons and streamers in the garden to attract birds.

Write out a project plan, drawing where water and particular plants will be placed. Consider light, shade, small perching branches and big trees for lichen and perches. Be sure to give yourself a place to watch from. Happy hummingbirding!


Elece Hollis is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom. She and her husband Ron of 30 years have 7 children and are in their sixteenth year of homeschooling. They live east of Okmulgee, Oklahoma and south of Tulsa on a 40 acre pecan farm.

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