Outside the door, I could hear John say, "I don't see why he's scared, I mean, it's only a matter of a monster jumping out of the closet."


I vowed to have a talk with John as soon as I was finished with Bryan.


Even David grew restless waiting for me to come finish the game. He came into the bathroom, asking Bryan if he wanted him to check the contents of the closet for any monsters so I could get back to the game.  David then climbed into the closet and promptly pretended to get sucked into the closet.  I vowed to talk to him when I finished with Bryan too.  It's no wonder the poor kid is now afraid to be in a bathroom alone.


After laughing at David, Bryan became a bit worried that there was still a monster in the closet. I tried to ease his mind by once again turning the conversation to math.


Bryan is never one to pass up a challenge so I asked him how high he could count.  He said to me, "Well, I'm not sure, let's see."


He began to count quickly, skipping 16, but not really noticing. He continued counting. I became quite impressed.  I really didn't know he could count so well.  He got to the number 56 then stopped.


I said to him, "go on." 


He replied by saying, "That's how far I can count, to 56!" 


He then jumped off the toilet with a triumphant spring.


Sometimes you have to seize the moment with your children. Who would have ever thought of math in the bathroom?  I wonder if Einstein's mother taught him this way?

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