"I highly recommend TeenPact to families who desire to see their kids make a difference in America."   

 Mike Farris, President of Patrick Henry College and Board Chairman of HSLDA 

For the seventh year in a row, one week in April for the Tyler family is revolving around TeenPact.  TeenPact is a teen leadership school dedicated to its motto of developing a passion for citizenship and justice in today's youth. The program runs Monday through Thursday at the state capitol complex.

The benefits of TeenPact are hard to chronicle in a short newsletter. But I will say that after a week at TeenPact most students walk away with more working knowledge about government and politics than 95% of the adults in our country.

Both of my college-aged sons, Ty and John, participated in the basic TeenPact week, multiple alumni activities, the TeenPact trip to Washington, D.C., and served on the TeenPact staff. John participated in the TeenPact internship program during his senior year in high school. Both of my sons have gone on to serve as pages and legislative aides in the South Carolina Senate and pages in the U.S. Senate for Senator Strom Thurmond. They both served as president of their freshman class, and Ty is now serving as president of his college student body.  John, a junior in college, continues to work in the South Carolina Senate and is president of our voting precinct. TeenPact was an invaluable part of their preparation.

In addition to the hands-on training that TeenPact provides, the second greatest benefit is the opportunity it provides for the development of life-long friendships. Ty and John both continue to keep in touch with their TeenPact friends. TeenPacters develop friendships based on shared interests and a common faith - not just the shallow interests of pop culture that often define the friendships of so many of today’s adolescents. These kids are intent on serving God and country - and when they have a forum to hook up with each other, the resulting energy and ensuing friendships are inspiring and contagious.   

I would encourage you to consider sending your children to TeenPact. TeenyPact is a one-day program for 8-12 year olds. TeenPact is a four-day program for 13-18 year olds. I count attendance at TeenPact toward history or government high school credit, which ever we happen to be covering at the time.

There are a few remaining classes for this year, and it is not too late to register. If you have already missed your state’s TeenPact class, find out when your class is for 2003 and mark your calendar now!  Here is the schedule for the remainder of this year:

  • South Carolina: April 29-May3
  • Rhode Island: May 6-10
  • Texas: May 13-17
  • Massachusetts: June 3-7
  • North Carolina: July 8-12

TeenPact is also hosting a one-week Judicial Class (July 25-31, 2002) at Carmel Retreat Center, north of Atlanta.  This class focuses exclusively on students who have an interest in being an attorney or judge and will be academically rigorous. There are over 700 pages of reading to complete, a brief to write, and oral arguments to prepare.

For more information visit the TeenPact Web site (www.TeenPact.com) or call them at 1-888-343-1776. To respond to this article, or for more information, you can also e-mail the TeenPact staff at knowmore@teenpact.com.

Here is some basic information on TeenPact taken from their Web site.