• The website titled World War I: Trenches on the Web offers a special feature titled "The Great War in Numbers". Find out how many soldiers were captured by Sergeant York on October 8, 1918. 

• Read Alvin C. York, Young Marksman (Childhood of Famous Americans) by Ethel H. Weddle. Write a biography about this American hero. Younger children might like to use my Famous Person Report form


6. Let's not forget about Woodrow Wilson, our twenty-eighth President, who served from 1913-1921. The burden of leading our country through World War I fell to this man. 

• Read Woodrow Wilson (Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents) by Mike Venezia or another book about Woodrow Wilson. 

• Younger children might like to color his portrait


7. For art lesson ideas, use information and images from 1914-1918 at a website titled Art of the First World War

• Select one painter to research and have your children write a biography about his or her life. 

• Choose a painting and discuss what the painter was trying to say about the war. 

• Have your children create their own World War I paintings. 


8. For composition projects, read, view, and/or listen to diaries, letters, and scrapbooks written by people during World War I. Have your child pretend he is someone living during the time of World War I, and ask him to write a diary entry. 

• For composition projects, younger students might enjoy using World War I thematic writing paper

9. Research World War I on the Internet: 

• Trenches on the Web is the best all-in-one reference resource for World War I. It includes biographies, documents, maps, photos, timelines, posters, and more. Bookmark this one, because you will want to refer to it often. 

• A brief explanation of the causes of World War I can be found at this website

• Using information found from this research, have your children create a picture timeline of major events, a poster, and maps of the Great War. 

10. For more ideas, purchase hands-on, thematic units related to World War I. Here are two I recommend: 

 World War I, Thematic Unit published by Teacher Created Resources. 

• World War I Project Pack offered by In the Hands of a Child

Happy learning!

*This article published August 18, 2010.

Cindy Downes (www.cindydownes.com) is a veteran homeschool mom who maintains the Oklahoma Homeschool website and is the author of The Checklist, Oklahoma History Online, and Oklahoma Scrapbook. Contact her at cindy@me.com.  

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