There are many types of co-ops. Some decisions need to be made right away. For example:


  • Academic or enrichment?
  • Meeting monthly or weekly?
  • Who teaches?
  • Fees or free?
  • By grade, age or other criteria?


Then there is planning:  Who’s in charge? An individual, a team, or a committee?

Are the teachers paid? How are supplies handled? (Trust me, there are always supplies needed!)

If money is involved, who collects it and distributes it? (Must be above reproach, efficient, and communicative!) This can get quite complicated. Work it out ahead of time, keeping the following questions in mind.


  • Who chooses teachers?
  • Who chooses curriculum?
  • Homework or no homework?
  • If all parents teach, who decides who teaches what?
  • Who writes letters/communicates with parents?
  • Who substitutes for a teacher who can’t make it?
  • Who sets-up and who cleans-up?
  • Who resolves disagreements amongst teachers?
  • Where will you meet? (See chart below for comments.)






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