Cozy, convenient, and



Classroom space, tables, chairs, neutral territory, gym or kitchen space may be available.


Wear & tear on house,

sick kids,

lack of privacy,

ground rules important.

Church relations may be strained. How do you pay? What about damages? Clean-up & contact people are vital!



Consider your students:

  • How many should you have?
  • Will they get along?
  • What about age ranges?
  • Do they have similar learning abilities? If not, how do you compensate?


Consider your parents:

  • Compatible worldviews?
  • Compatible educational philosophies?
  • Working towards the same co-op goals?


Wow! There is so much to think about. But lest you get discouraged let me offer this list that several of us compiled showing some of the reasons we co-op.


Advantages of Co-ops

1. Structure.

2. Accountability.

3. Carefully chosen group interaction (aka, socialization!).