The eagle is a majestic bird that soars above the realms of mediocrity into the heights of excellence, above what is normal and expected, and into what is unconventional and exceptional.  The heights the eagle attains are beyond the comprehension of the everyday robin, or the chicken for that matter: both lovely birds, though not exactly noteworthy or inspiring.  So what does that have to do with us as…homeschoolers…and Christians?

The eagle can serve to inspire us and impress us to go higher in our Christian walks; but it can also serve to encourage us as homeschoolers to continue on our present path and to set even higher goals for our sons and daughters.  Paul informs the believers in Philippi that the call of Jesus Christ is an upward call.  We are called to rise above the circumstances in our lives, to be above average, to mount up with wings as eagles - to strive for excellence in all that we do.  (Phil. 4:14, 1:10, Rom. 8:37, Is. 40:31)

There are three interesting characteristics an eagle possesses: its incredible eyesight, great wingspan, and strong heart.  For our purposes, let's call them: the eye of the eagle - vision, the wingspan - faith, and the heart of the eagle - courage.  These three things should be ever increasing if we are to soar above mediocrity and prepare our children to achieve the heights of success we desire for them.

I want to focus on the first of the three: vision - the eye of the eagle.

Job 39:30-31 describes, "On the cliff [the eagle] dwells, upon the rock and the stronghold.  From there he spies out the prey; and his eyes see it afar off."  According to this verse in Job, the eagle is dwelling on the rock, his stronghold.  This location far above the earth keeps him safe from most predators.  As believers, we too dwell on the Rock, our Stronghold!   The ability to see afar off enables the eagle to hunt and provide for its nest.  It can see its enemies as well.  This remarkable eyesight gives it a distinct advantage over other birds.  To live as high as eagles do, survival depends on their ability to see at great distances. 

As homeschoolers, we also need to "see afar off."  Our vision is what keeps us going in the day-to-day tasks required of us.  I've heard it said that vision is caught, not taught.  This means to keep our vision fresh and clear, we need to be around people who share our vision.  We need to see and hear their passion and example!  We need to "plug in" to the home school community and allow others to strengthen and expand our vision. 

As a new homeschooler, it is tempting to read every how-to book written on homeschooling (and we all know there are many!); but what I've noticed is the more how-to books we read the more inadequate and overwhelmed we can feel.  We can get bogged down in too many details, and forget the reasons we have chosen to home school in the first place! 

Consider Proverbs 30:18: "Where there is no vision the people perish…."  Vision is the secret to finding the energy, diligence, and persistence we need to finish our course with joy.    As you keep your eyes on where you are going, you will find the journey getting easier.

Vision is what we see - but not just in the natural!  It is what we see in the spirit.  It's what we are believing for even when we can't see it.  Second Corinthians 4:18 describes it here: "…We consider and look not to the things which are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal…." 

Vision is future tense.  Homeschooling is merely preparation for the future.  I know this sounds obvious; yet I think we need a reminder once in a while.  Our homeschooling journey is just that - a journey!  It is a means to an end.  The end being seeing our children as godly men and women, impacting their generation for the kingdom of God, and fulfilling all God has purposed for them.