Our job is not just to prepare our children to compete academically or to fulfill a job description that might be a part of their future. Our job is to live the Word of God and teach the Word of God. Sheltering helps in this endeavor. Providing opportunities for meaningful labor and preparing our children to function in their God-given roles as wives or husbands is also significant. But it is being God-centered in all of our doings that is of utmost importance if we are truly seeking to fulfill the Biblical objectives of homeschooling. 

*This article first published August 10, 2007.

Marc and Cynthia Carrier are authors and speakers. Together they have written The Values-Driven Family. The Carriers have been featured on Concerned Women for America, SRN News, LeSea's The Harvest Show television program, and numerous other radio programs and publications. The Carriers homeschool their five children (with number six due in August) in rural Indiana. For more information or to purchase a book, visit http://www.valuesdrivenfamily.com/.

This article was originally published in the July/Aug '07 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. For more details, visit http://homeschoolenrichment.com/