God gently led me through answers.  That morning, at a meeting, I met a lady who prayed that God would help us do what was needed and fill in the gaps for what we missed.  One friend gave me a pep talk on what my kids can do. Another complimented their behavior.  Another reached out and helped with a meal.

One wise mother observed, "The day you don't have those doubts is the day you get lazy and quit trying.  You need the questions to keep working and getting your kids educated."

Suddenly, I remembered something from last week.  In the middle of last week which was one of those "good weeks" when the children are happy, the house is clean, and life is above average, I kept getting hit with a message to "Press."  I told Richard that "Press" kept coming at me.  It almost worried me.  If I were to "Press" through something, what was coming, and why was I being given a pep talk in advance?  The next morning, I turned on the car radio.  Selah's song, "Press On" was playing.  I thought at the time, "OK, God.  I get the message.  What am I supposed to do with it?"

In the rush and press of a busy weekend, I forgot that message.  Slowly, yesterday, when I needed it most, it came to me again...

The lyrics to the song "Press On" include, "When the valley is deep, when the mountain is steep, when the body is weary, when we stumble and fall. When the choices are hard, when we're battered and scarred, when we've spent our resources...in Jesus' name we'll press on.  In Jesus name, we'll press on."

As always, God had given me the answer and the ticket off the Self Doubt Express.  I just had to realize it - with a little  help from my friends.

Mary Biever, a homeschool mother of two, serves as the secretary for Southwestern Indiana Home Educators. Check out http://www.swihe.org