Questions to Consider

Why was there such a difference in the way the two sides chose to use submarines in their strategies?

What significance do you think subs had on the Civil War? What about on World War II? Modern day warfare?

What transportation invention do you think had the most significant impact on the twentieth century? Why?

The history of submarines is a fascinating study. For further research, learn more about the following men:

David Bushnell, an American inventor of the first sub known to be used in war. It was a one-man, hand-cranked vehicle built about 1776.

Robert Fulton, considered the father of the steam boat. He built a sub in France in 1800 and named it the Nautilus. (Look for two other famous subs named the Nautilus; one fictional, one not.)

Brutus De Villeroi, French inventor and American immigrant. He demonstrated his first sub in Nantes, France in 1832. (Interesting sidenote: six-year-old Jules Verne was living in Nantes at that time!) De Villeroi later sold another sub, nicknamed "Alligator," to the Union Navy.

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