You might want to check with a planetarium or telescope club in your area.  These groups will likely have properly-filtered telescopes set up for the event.  A list of such local groups can be found in the "Resources" section at  Now is the time to make a plan and beat the rush.  This event will be getting lots or press closer to the time, and available slots may fill up. 

Eclipse Shades
Our family is planning on observing this event with Eclipse Shades.  These shades are specially designed for looking at the Sun and block out 99.9% of the Sun's light, and allow you to safely look at the Sun.  During the transit, Venus will appear quite small, but will be seen as a black dot moving across the Sun's face over a period of hours. 

We've acquired a quantity of these Eclipse Shades and are selling them at the Classical Astronomy Store.  If anyone would like a pair or two, now is a good time to order, since supplies are limited.  And you can always use these shades any other time to look at the Sun, especially to see sunspots.  And these are nice to have around the next time there is a solar eclipse! 

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