Homeschooling has many advantages. Ask yourself, "Why do I keep at this labor of love?" I am constantly reminded of one major factor that puts homeschooling at an extreme advantage. That factor is the relationships I am building in my home.

Have confidence in knowing that your kids are getting to spend considerably more time with you than the kids who are away for at least half their waking hours at school.

As for Carter and our puppy, my whole family must be more consistent in our training to get that "off" button to work. I am sure if we make a habit of spending time with our dog, he'll reward us with many fond memories for years to come. 

*This article was published on May 17, 2010.

Stacey Posey is blessed to be the wife of Mike and the mama to five precious growing boys.  Depending daily on God's grace, the Poseys enjoy homeschooling while living in rural Mississippi.  Visit Stacey's blog at for more encouragement and a few laughs.

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