Being a Thinker doesn't mean your occupational calling is going to be a high-profile, high-paying, power-brokering position in a big city. It isn't a paycheck or a job description, but a way of going about your daily life and a lens through which you view your future.

As you consider your future, remember that the people in the ivory towers, walking the streets of Wall Street, preaching from the pulpits, writing books that shape our culture, and raising the future generations of Thinkers used to be in your position, a few months away from graduating from high school. They, too, faced the same set of decisions you now face.

When you graduate next spring, you're going to join a hugely influential sector of society that is looking for successors, of which you're the youngest and least. But everyone started out in your shoes. Face this with humility, but gusto and determination. Great things are ahead, things for which you have been soundly trained.


Ethan Wingfield will be a sophomore this fall at Brown University. Having grown up in Western North Carolina and homeschooled for 13 years, Ethan comes from a family of six children.  He is currently an elected representative on Brown's student government, the web editor of the Brown Spectator, on leadership with Brown's Reformed University Fellowship, and heads a web development firm.