__  Did we have enough, not enough, or too much independent study? Were there enough time, space, supervision, and help available for these studies?

__  What got bogged down that could have gone more quickly?

__  Were there enough organization and planning for space, materials, schedule, and chores?

__  Were there enough varied experiences or too many outside activities? Were our supplemental and outside activities worth the time and effort?

__  Was the atmosphere of our home warm, loving, and supportive?

Bottom Line

__  What do you want to do the same or differently next year?

Use Your Evaluation To Plan Your Next Year

Use your evaluation outcomes to make general, broad plans for next year and for your summer studies. You can do specific and detailed planning later; this is just to be sure you include the valuable input from this year's evaluation.

Make quick notes beside certain answers on your evaluation forms. Then set dates for your comprehensive planning for next year, allowing time to purchase and become familiar with any new curriculum.


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