• Before Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he worked with the hearing impaired. Teach yourself the alphabet in sign language.
  • Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 3, 1847. Find this town on a map of Europe.
  • When Alexander was 15 years old he went to London, England, to study. Then the family moved to Ontario, Canada. In 1871 Bell moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to teach hearing-impaired children. Mark these locations on a map.
  • In 1877 Bell and his wife traveled to England so he could demonstrate the telephone for the Queen of England—Queen Victoria. Research and discover how many queens England has had since that time.
  • Find out what you can about the United States Patent and Trademark Office. What is the average number of patents filed annually?
  • What other inventors lived during Bell's lifetime? What other significant inventions were made?


  • You live in Sacramento, California. Your best friend lives in Enid, Oklahoma. The year is 1877. How many miles of telegraph wire would need to be strung for a two-way telephone conversation?
  • It costs $2 for the first three minutes of conversation, and 25 cents thereafter. If you and your brother talk on the phone for 37 minutes, how much will it cost you? If you are using a payphone, what is the least amount of coins you could use to pay for this call to your brother?
  • Research the first payphones. How much did it cost to place a call? How much does it cost today? What is the rate of increase between the two?
  • Your cell phone costs $78 and allows you 400 minutes of calling each month. What is the actual cost per minute?
  • The first transcontinental phone call was placed in 1915 from New York to San Francisco, California. Alexander Bell telephoned his dear friend Thomas Watson. He used the same original sentence to greet him. What is the distance between these two states?


  • Bell intently studied sound and speech. He even borrowed a human ear from a medical school. Research how the human ear works and draw a picture of the bones in the ear.
  • Speech is important when it comes to communicating. Find books at your local library on what parts of the body are needed to produce speech. Report what you learn to your family.


  • Find a book on Alexander Graham Bell that shows the progression of the telephone. Draw pictures of the various stages of how the phone changed in appearance.
  • Create a card game that teaches others about famous inventors and inventions.
  • Read 1 Samuel 3:1-16 about the night God called Samuel. Paint a picture of this event.
  • Pretend you are Alexander Graham Bell and you are just starting up your phone company—the Bell Telephone Company. Design an insignia for your stationery.
  • Design a poster for the Bell Telephone Company trying to encourage patrons to purchase a phone.
  • Pretend you are on the brink of a famous invention. Sketch what your invention is. What does it do? How will it help people? Write a brief description of it.


  • Bell's mother taught him to play the piano. This instrument helped him with his study of sound and how it travels. How many different tones does a piano have?
  • If possible, play a piano or keyboard and listen for these different tones. 

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