The construction of Robots
A student may want to attempt to build a robot. This is not as daunting a task as may be first thought. Using a kit, a child can build a non-human robot, as well as many other types of robots. A website with directions and information for building robots is There are many books and websites with directions and information about home building of robots from expensive kits, to Erector, Lego and Cybots construction sets, to building a robot from scratch. A project can cost as little as $20, or as much as $1000 or more.

Robots in art and literature
Robots have long drawn the fascination of people. In science fiction stories there is a wide selection of characters based on robots. How do these stories help or hinder the formation of a Christian world view? Are they worth reading and studying about? Write a short essay about how you came to this conclusion, what your opinions are based on, and how a Christian should react and respond to the cultural science fiction arts.

A field trip
The best field trip for this unit study would be to a factory where robots are used everyday. It may take some research to find such a factory in your area. The number one user of robots is the auto industry; however, most factories have a closed door policy because of the chance of a student being injured. You may be able to take a virtual field trip on the internet or call small manufacturers in your area and ask for a personal (not a school group) tour.

I hope that you enjoy this study and learn about the wonderful world of robotics. To see how much you have already learned try to answer this robot question:
How many robots does it take to wash the supper dishes? (Answer: It takes two-- one to wash and one to sweep up the pieces.)


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