Science Activity: Ball Bearings

Get two cans (the kind with a deep groove in the rim, such as paint cans) and stack them. Turn one (still on top of the other) and notice the resistance (friction) you feel. Now sandwich marbles all along the rim between the cans. Place a heavy book on top and note how easily it turns around. Oil the marbles (you can spray them with cooking spray, but it is a bit messy) and the book turns more easily yet.

Science Activity: Simple Homemade Pulleys

Cut a wire coat hanger at the lower points (at the base of the triangular shape), and use the hook section to make your pulley. Thread both straight ends through a thread spool, crossing in the middle, and bend wire downwards to secure spool in place. Be sure the spool turns freely. Use hook for easy attachment.

The projects in these photos can be found in the Science Mastery Program on the Supercharged Science website:

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