I can see in my mind's eye the many times I have sat with my children looking over pictures, telling them of the miracles. I can see the times when we walked "by the way," talking of the God who made the trees, the grass, the horses. I also see the times we lay in bed reading and talking and praying. I see us gathered at the breakfast table, at the dinner table. These are important times. Do I take them for granted? How often do I hurry through these daily events? Do I cherish these moments? These are the places where one day my children will want to have placed their own memorial markers.

Please, God, I pray, help me not to rush these moments with my children. Please help me to remember that my kids will never place memorial stones around the things I buy them. Help me to remember that no stones will be placed around the TV god when they are older. They will not regret that I stayed home with them. They will not regret going without. No, the times and places they will recall will be those where we sat, walked, lay down, and rose up. 

Heidi Shepherd was saved at the ripe old age of 3. She is a homeschooling mom of two amazing boys and has been happily married for nearly 19 years to her wonderful husband David. One of her current projects is trying to get her beloved children's stories published. Heidi loves spending time in Bible study and sharing Jesus with others.

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