But I fled the presence of the Lord with the yard. That's right. The yard. It's not like I am a landscaping junkie devoting massive amounts of time and energy. Now that would be a hobby I don't have time for. I just like the grass cut. It needs to be done. And the flowers pinched back. And the weeds in the driveway look bad. It takes the load off hubby when he does not have to do it all. I'm serving him. I'm not neurotic about it. I stopped caring about crab grass years ago. I'm just doing the minimum, even if it is during my quiet time.

But I fled the presence of the LORD with exercise. Now God, I hate the treadmill. I do. It's painful. I see no results. But you want me to be healthy don't you? I need to care for my children. It's supposed to give me energy and relieve stress. I'll do this God, something else for my family. No, I'm not obsessed with it. It's a good habit. Our bodies are temples and my temple is shaking at the foundations. I need to do this.

But I fled the presence of the LORD on that trip. Lord, the relatives....how can I talk about spiritual things with them? How can we do family worship with them? How can I go off upstairs and be spiritual? What a turn off. Is that a witness? I don't want to be weird to them. You said those in your hometown are unlikely to listen. It can be awkward. Of course we listen to teaching tapes in the car on the way. That's pretty good, isn't it?

But I fled the presence of the LORD, playing with the children. It can be very spiritual playing with your children. I talk about You. We are knitting away at our relationship. Last month we played Bible Memory. We made play dough temples once. We demonstrate love and kindness, and I model what a wonderful person looks like... when I'm not being irritated one of them called me a cheater. What kind of message do I send my children when I shut my door, and pray and study and leave them out? That's telling them You are the most important. Oh yeah, You are.

But I fled the presence of the LORD with that movie. It was a good, clean movie. We all need to relax. Nothing wrong with relaxing. It really did not stop me from spending time with you Lord. I meant to spend time with you AFTER the movie. It got so late. Hubby and I needed that time. I worked on schoolwork during part of it. It's not like I wasted my time.

But I fled the presence of the LORD with a grumbling spirit. If not ME, who? Who will solve the problems of the world? Does no one see these things? No one, but me? Who will take care of that issue in the family, at church, with the house? Yes, admittedly I'm a recovering legalist, and yet I long for a fix at times. I don't mean to be reactionary. Hubby is so diplomatic and I am so automatic. It's the way you made me. I just need to work through some concerns.

But I fled the presence of the LORD with school. Lord, technically I got in my quiet time this morn even if it was the abridged version. I never miss Bible with the children. And I do pray during the day when you prompt me. School is important. What should I give up math, reading, history...we don't do a lot of extras. I feel kinda bare minimum some days now. School is a priority. Besides those other children at the homeschool support group know so much.

But I fled the presence of the LORD with daydreams. Oh, wishful thinking. It's not a matter of casting down imaginations. I'm not hanging out in la la land. Lord, I'm just reminiscing in my mind. I'm just imagining nice things. Planning is a better word. Planning how I would paint and enjoying thinking happy thoughts. Okay, that one itty bitty little angry thought about her slipped in. Okay, that pretend conversation with her where I said that profound zinger that took care of her slipped in too. Okay, I thought for ten minutes about what I could say. True, I could have been praying for her. But I want to be prepared with a solution.