All CAP training is free to the cadets. Cadets have the opportunity to learn skills such as amateur radio operation, rocketry, aerospace science, first aid, and self-defense. Your local home school organization may even be able to organize a local Squadron by working with the Group Commander for your area.


We believe this is a great way for dads to get involved in their children's lives. David joined the local Utica Squadron as a senior member when Josiah and Wesley wanted to participate. He became a leader and helped to build the local cadet squadron during a period when there was a vacuum in parental leadership. (He is presently trying to organize a local squadron for homeschoolers and the kids at our nearby Syracuse Rescue Mission. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we try to bring this together.) We are convinced this is a great vehicle for home schooling dads to work with their kids in a balanced, productive organization that can reap great benefits to every child who participates.


We see the advantages of Civil Air Patrol to fit in very well with homeschoolers who want to provide their children with a solidly "American" experience that assists in teaching strong character, citizenship and respect for all that our nation attempts to stand for. 


To learn more about Civil Air Patrol, and what it can provide for your children, you can check them out on the Internet at, or by searching on Civil Air Patrol to find your closest squadron.  Or look up your local squadron in your phone book and give them a call.


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