With just a few short weeks before my calendar was officially marked to rocket off into a new year, I had a lot of work to do! I was a novice in the purest sense of the word. I knew very little. And yet, I knew so much. I knew I wanted to deepen my love relationship with my children. I knew that I wanted them to love each other. I knew that I wanted them to see the details of a God-honoring family model (as imperfect as ours is and forever will be). I wanted them to develop a saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord, Master, Savior, and Friend. I wanted my home to be filled with peace. I wanted my children at home with me because I missed them so much. I wanted more of them. I wanted to share with them my passion for Christ and His Word. I wanted to share with them my love for learning. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to know them. 

Loved ones, if "no" is your husband's reply to homeschooling in this season and you ache, please let me encourage you through my own personal experience. God hears you. The Hagar account as recorded in Genesis 21 demonstrates that God hears us. Do you doubt that He hears you? Are you uncertain that He will ever hear you? Do you doubt that He is at work today? Fear not! Our God hears. Our God knows. Trust Him for His awesome and amazing timing. Rest in peace with what He has provided! 

Mary prayed. Jesus prayed. Nehemiah prayed. Jonah prayed. Mary bore our Christ. Jesus suffered and died for us. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall. Jonah delivered a prophetic message to the people of Nineveh. Never is there a concern too large to take to the throne of God. Never is there a concern too small to take to the throne of God. Your passion to humbly serve, love, teach, train, encourage, and admonish your children at home is worth praying for. And so is your husband's heart on the matter. Loved one, do not grow weary in praying. Wait with eager anticipation and marked readiness. And pray. 

So here I am embarking on the very journey that God has called me to in His perfect and sweet time. I humbly praise Him for the perfectness of His master plan. 

Melissa Culver has been married to her husband, Jason, for eleven years. Together they have four delightful children: Rachel (7), Kohen (5), Reese (4), and Dax (1). Jason and Melissa enjoy long walks and quiet dinners together. They love serving their local fellowship in many capacities: fellowship, leadership, teaching, food, hospitality, service, and the like. This is their first year as homeschooling parents. They absolutely love the journey that God has called them to. Humbly, sweetly, imperfectly, Melissa yearns to know Christ more each day. 

Copyright 2009. Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Winter 2009/10. Used with permission. Visit them at www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com. For all your homeschool curriculum needs visit the Schoolhouse Store.