But a good dad will realize that he still has to be there for his children and his wife.  He will fight the temptation to become overly introspective.  He will try to make himself available to work with the children in whatever way he believes is best.  Right guys?


Here's a challenge (from David) for all of you men reading this article.  Take some time this week to get alone and just think about what you are going to do to work with your child(ren) this fall in one way more specifically than you are doing right now.  Maybe you will spend Saturdays working together around the house.  Or perhaps you will start a Bible Study on Tuesday nights with the kids.  Or read "Lord of the Rings" together before bedtime. 


Guys have a lot of responsibilities as dads. But we are still called to be dads, too.  No one else can do this role for us.  It's a challenging task to be a dad in modern America.  But if we don't do it, it won't happen.  Make sure you are there for your children.  Let's be diligent and faithful so that our kids never have to question Mommy with the question, "Where's Daddy?"  They will see that he is right there where he is supposed to be.


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