On Saturday night, John invited us to stay longer. My children definitely wanted to stay—this was a one-of-a-kind adventure! I wanted to stay too, but had valid reasons not to. My oldest son was home, my children had paper routes to deliver, we were starting school on Monday, and I didn't want us to be a burden on John and his family. I asked God for His plans for us. Hours later He whispered, "If you stay, I will use you."

A Step of Faith

I contacted my son; he encouraged us to stay. Friends back home agreed to deliver our paper routes. Every detail quickly fell into place.

We stayed—for seven more days! We walked and prayed with John up to twenty miles a day. We stayed overnight in the RVs in a driveway, an empty lot, someone's backyard, and a church parking lot. We stayed several nights at a homeless shelter. Sometimes people joined the team for part of a day and brought food to share. Local residents invited us to dinner. We ate several meals at a soup kitchen.

We witnessed God's daily provision of food and shelter for our group. We enjoyed close Christian community. We discovered new depths of prayer and passion for prayer. The Holy Spirit engraved these life lessons on our hearts.

Through our ten days with Prayer Walk America, the Holy Spirit set His focus for our homeschool that year: prayer… prayer for our family, our nation, our state, our city. That fall, when a homeschool family organized a prayer walk around our city, we heard the Spirit calling us to be involved. We also prayer-walked in neighborhoods and participated in a twenty-four hour prayer vigil. All because the Holy Spirit was prompting us, tutoring us, expanding our prayer lives.

Let's trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in what we need to learn. Let's allow Him to tailor design our homeschools.

Linda Joyce Heaner has been home educating her children for a decade. She is a free-lance writer and speaker. Her articles have been published in Homeschooling Today and Focus on the Family. You can contact Linda at linda@abidinghope.com.