One of my favorite radio stations honors a mom each week with a gift certificate to a woman's spa.  Whenever I hear the announcement of the most recent "Mom of the Week" winner, I wonder why my children don't ever nominate me to win.  Why don't my kids write a poignant, yet humorous, award-winning story about their mom?

Maybe it's because I yell at them when the house is a mess and when they've dropped shredded cheese all over the kitchen floor.  Or perhaps it is due to my ability to get irritated when there is a pile of Ranch dressing on the table, covered by piles of lettuce-- some child's feeble attempt at cleaning it no doubt.

Maybe they don't nominate me "Mom of the Week" because I tell them to leave me alone for "just one minute."  Of course they don't know how long a minute actually is.  Is this a "mom will be off the phone in a minute" minute, or is it a "get your shoes on, we have to be at church in a minute" minute?

Perhaps I have told them a few too many times to get their elbows off the table, comb their hair, clean their room, do their math, get their chores done (and joyfully please!), take off their shoes when they come in the house, close the door, and the dreaded "BE QUIET!"

Perhaps I'm not worthy of being nominated "Mom of the Week." 

Could it be I am selfish in my desire for my children to nominate me.  Actually if you must know, I don't care about the nomination so much as the recognition from my children that I do a lot for them and there is sometimes a great deal of cost on my part in being their mom. 

My sanity, for instance.  There are times I wonder at the end of the day if I will indeed be in full charge of my capacities in the morning, or will they be completely gone. Will I arise in the morning unable to function at all?

Don't my children realize how much I have given up for them?  Don't they realize what I could be if I didn't have to be their mom?  Don't they realize how many books I could read if I wasn't so busy tending to their needs? Don't they know I could write a ton of books if I didn't have to feed, clothe, and water them? Of course I would have nothing to write about, but they don't know that.

They probably do know all of these things.  They know what 2 Timothy 1:7 says: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."  They reason with me that I will not go insane from having children, because God has given me a spirit of love and a sound mind.