To illustrate, two years ago I needed to find a language arts curriculum suitable for both my 10-year-old son, who didn't enjoy reading, and my 7-year-old daughter, who loved to read but had only basic skills. I went to a workshop session at our convention offered by the author of a reading curriculum. It was her first visit to our convention, so I wasn't familiar with her books. Her love for the Lord, her enthusiasm during her seminar, and the literary approach she offered left me thinking her curriculum would be a good match for our needs. So down I marched to the vendor hall to visit her booth. I spent another 30 minutes flipping through the pages and asking questions. Would this be the right material for my reluctant reader and his younger sister for the upcoming year? With my goals in mind, I decided that yes, this reading program would be a good fit for us. I can report that we had a wonderful, fun, challenging year using that curriculum, which turned out to be suitable for my 12-year-old voracious reader, too. What a blessing! God faithfully provided me His wisdom—through the convention—on how to best teach my children.

To sum it all up, when I have done sufficient pre-conference planning and have arrived at the convention with a teachable heart, I haven't felt overwhelmed. I've left the conference with a sweet taste in my mouth, hungry for more next year. 

Originally posted April 28, 2008.

Melanie Hexter and her husband of 17 years, Matthew, live in central Ohio with their five children. She has lost count, but thinks they have attended six statewide homeschool conventions and a variety of other local ones. Melanie finds joy in Jesus, her family, ice cream (especially Matthew's homemade flavors), traveling, and encouraging other homeschool mothers.

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