As we trust and obey God, while moving through life’s marital journey in the wilderness of this world, He will supply an oasis from time to time – like a day off, an evening together, a secluded weekend, a vacation, etc.  Take advantage of them. They are God’s loving reminders that while life can at times be hard and even cruel, He still cares for His own and will ultimately right all wrongs and bring in His everlasting kingdom for all who have come to know Him in a personal way.

In light of this biblical reality check, prayerfully consider the following suggestions:

  • Do your own reality check: Is your marriage characterized more by romanticism, pessimism, skepticism, cynicism, or realism?

  • If you are in the midst of one of life’s storms, come together as a couple and pray.  It may not be a matter of sin on your part.  You may be under attack.  If it is a matter of sin, confess it to God and to each other.  Get others to pray with and for you.

  • When is the last time, as a couple, that you really enjoyed one of God’s good oases?  When can you take advantage of the next one He brings your way?  Pray about it and thank God for all of His good gifts — especially in the midst of your wilderness journey.

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