1. An open relationship with other Christians. Your Christian friends can also be a trustworthy guardrail of sexual purity in your life. You must be willing to lay aside anything that would hinder or rob you from allowing those people who know and love you to scrutinize your life. We need a group of trustworthy Christian friends to encourage us to remain pure, to edify us when we are struggling with sin in our lives, and who can help restore us to obedience when we have stepped over the line in some way.

  1. A fulfilling relationship with your spouse. If you are emotionally or sexually thirsty, head for your own well, the well God has provided for you. Quench your thirst at your own fountain instead of roaming around looking for another. And make sure you anticipate and meet your spouse’s sexual needs. When you are full and satisfied sexually in your relationship with your spouse, neither of you will need to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

If you have already fallen into temptation in this area, do something about it now. It may be too late to escape the hurt and distress you’ve caused. But you can begin to make things right and heal the wounds. Break off the relationship you’re in. Confess to God and to your spouse. Seek counseling, and submit yourself to mature Christians to monitor your restoration. God loves you and He will walk you and your spouse through each step of the healing you need. There is hope for you. There is forgiveness. God has the power you need to be all he has called you to be. And he can help you guard your heart against further regret.

Stay alert, and remember: A guarded heart helps build a divorce-proof marriage.

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