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How Bible Study Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage

David Lawson of Precept Ministries knew his marriage was in serious trouble. So, while his wife B.J. was out of town visiting a relative, he visited a church. That Sunday morning, he gave his life to Christ.

The Day My Marriage Died: Healing in the Wake of Divorce

Every divorce circumstance is unique. However, for true healing it's necessary to grieve the death of the dream, the death of the covenant and the death of "What should have been." After 20 years of working alongside those experiencing the trauma of divorce here are a few suggestions.

The Crusader and Mr. Hyde: A Most Unhappy Couple

I watched and listened as Ken and Lori locked horns in a needless power struggle. I've talked about how to approach Mr. Hyde in previous articles. Now let's focus on a role wives often embrace: The Crusader.

Mother's Day: What’s a Stepmom to Do?

One of the reasons Mother's Day can evoke so much emotion is because many stepmoms feel as though they have all of the pain, frustrations, financial strain, and difficulty of being a parent, but none of the rewards or joy. Here are some ways husbands can take the lead to make Mother's Day a special day for their wives.

More Than a Table for Two: The Difference a Christ-centered Marriage Makes

In Then Comes Marriage?: A Cultural History of the American Family, author Rebecca Price Janney names the distinction between secular and Christian marriages. Of the Christian couple she says, "Crowning their life together is the kind of giving, empathic, other-oriented love of which Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12, what he called 'the most excellent way.'"

Forgiving the "Other Woman"

I never considered that betrayal would enter my marriage. One question kept coming to the forefront: How could one woman do this to another?

The Pill Turns 50 — TIME Considers the Contraceptive Revolution

TIME magazine's current cover story puts the issue of the Pill and birth control front and center in our cultural conversation. It should be an important part of our Christian conversation as well.

Before You Say "I Do" to a Pre-Nup…

In an era of frequent marital break-ups, our culture often portrays those getting married without a pre-nup as either foolish or naive. But is applying our culture's wisdom on this issue the best choice for Christian couples?

  • Stephen Bloom Esq. |
  • April 24, 2010 |
  • comments
Learn to Fight Right in Your Marriage

  • Deborah Raney and Tobi Layton |
  • April 17, 2010 |
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Sara Groves: Her Confession Continues on Fireflies and Songs

In what is Sara Groves' ninth album, the singer/songwriter takes the listener down a road of confession and relationship. After 15 years of marriage, Sara says year seven brought various challenges. Fireflies and Songs tackles those relational hurdles similar to what many couples face.

Uniquely Female: The Scriptural Blueprint for Femininity

God created woman from the side of man, so she's made of the same stuff—equal to man. But she's also different. Here are six markers of complementarity that can be observed in the creation of woman.

Waiting on God to Fill the Cradle

“Do you have children?” It seems as though the frequency of the question should numb the sting - but it doesn’t. Here are four specific areas where my husband and I have dug deep to find treasure in this painful season of waiting...

Should I Tell My Spouse?

Honesty is crucial to a healthy marriage. But should we tell our spouses everything?

Do You Feel Lonely in Your Spiritual Walk?

Have you dreamed of what it would be like to be "spiritually one" with your husband? Today, studies show that women walk alone spiritually perhaps more than they ever have before.

Understanding the Shadow Side of Your Man

"When it's good, it's really good," Cassie said to me recently, tears running down her face. "But when it's bad, it's really bad. It's like he's two different men..."

Marriage, Homeschooling, and You

After 15 years, Jim and I had managed to get away for a day—just the two of us. But returning home the next day was less euphoric.

When You're Weary of Worshiping Alone

For years, Debe longed to have Randy worshiping alongside her. Her heart ached for her husband to experience what she did through the music and the message at church...

The Importance of Being Able to Talk About Money

Even when couples have a strong, stable relationship, money is still often a source of conflict.

Have a Great Life as a Pastor’s Wife

Your life as a pastor's wife is meant to be a great adventure - not a grim existence.

Settling for Mr. Good Enough?

What I wanted in a man was so very temporal. Instead, God gave me what I needed, and Mr. Good Enough has become Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Phenomenal, Mr. Thank-You-for-Choosing-Me-for-Your-Wife...

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