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When Should a Married Couple Separate?

It is ever okay for a married couple to separate? What does the Bible have to say about this issue?

1 Corinthians 13: Wisdom for Choosing a Good Spouse

If we’re wise, we will diminish the “love is blind” syndrome by comparing our own behavior and our potential spouse’s behavior to the characteristics of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

  • Kathy Collard Miller, D. Larry Miller |
  • October 04, 2007 |
  • comments
Blessings Flow When Couples 'Fear the Lord'

God has designed three purposes for all Christian marriages: to reflect His image, to reign in spiritual warfare, and to reproduce a godly heritage. Without a proper fear of the Lord, not one of these three purposes can be sustained and achieved in the ultimate sense.

  • Barry R. Leventhal, Ph.D. |
  • September 28, 2007 |
  • comments
What Makes Your Wife Feel Loved?

Your wife needs fresh expressions of your love every day to know that your heart still beats strongly for her.

  • Whitney Hopler |
  • September 25, 2007 |
  • comments
How to Make Your Honeymoon a Success

Drs. Walt Larimore and Susan A. Crockett, authors of The Honeymoon of Your Dreams, point out that the honeymoon is not just another vacation; it is “like a foot race, the start will dramatically determine the finish.”

  • Janice Shaw Crouse |
  • September 20, 2007 |
  • comments
Finding God as a Married Couple

  • Margaret Feinberg |
  • September 18, 2007 |
  • comments
Practical Ways a Wife Can Show Admiration to Her Husband

Here are nine ways wives can enrich their marriages by fulfilling their husbands' need to be admired.

  • The Smalley Relationship Center |
  • September 15, 2007 |
  • comments
Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Safeguard Against Workplace Temptations

  • Nancy C. Anderson |
  • August 30, 2007 |
  • comments
The Bossy Spouse: How Can You Communicate?

We all occasionally interrupt our spouses with our instructions, methodologies, or preferences. When we commit that all-too-human intrusion regularly with a person, we communicate that we feel he or she is not competent to think for himself.

Want a Healthy Marriage? Prioritize Fun

The simple reality is this: If you stop having fun together you will stop wanting to be together.

Looking For A Christian Counselor?

Have you been considering seeking the help of a Christian counselor? Or have you tried counseling in the past, but been disappointed in the experience?

Are You Tearing Your Marriage Down with Your Words?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Many of us heard that growing up. But the truth is – words can hurt us and negative words can really damage a marriage.

  • Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg |
  • August 11, 2007 |
  • comments
Overcome Sin in Your Marriage

Once you face the reality of your own sinfulness and your spouse’s sinfulness, you can find hope in the Gospel’s power to transform your marriage.

Marriage Is Just a Piece of Paper - Part 3

I truly believe countless lives would change for the better if people were told The Naked Truth about the benefits of marriage. Families could not continue to be in such disarray if true believers—not make-believers—began to evangelize their communities about marriage.

Red Hot Monogamy: Kindling the Flame in Christian Marriage

Is possible to keep the passion alive for a lifetime? Marriage experts Bill and Pam Farrel share practical wisdom that has helped them maintain a happy marriage for over 25 years...

  • Pam and Bill Farrel |
  • July 24, 2007 |
  • comments
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