Bound by Satan’s Lies

Are you ever taunted by the subtle "whisper" of these lies?

"Oh wow . . . she’s beautiful! He can’t resist gawking at her. You don’t look that good."

"Girl, your father—your own father—strayed. Men stray. This is reality!"

"Remember, your first love cheated on you, and he said he loved you. Do you actually think your husband will always remain faithful?"

"You’re weak. Do you really think you can overcome your insecurity? After all, you’ve already tried a hundred times. Accept it. It’s just who you are."

Sadly, when we are trudging along, walking in brokenhearted shoes, we do accept these lies as truths. In the pain of our journey, we forget just who we are. We forget that if our heavenly Father could part the Red Sea, surely He cares enough to free us from the bondage of lies.

Idle gossip is not a reliable source of information. Frequently, information passes through several venues before reaching our ears. What’s more important, it’s rarely accurate. Trust your husband unless there is a solid reason not to!

It is not God’s plan for us that we remain enslaved to sin. But first we need truth. As Jesus said in John 8:32, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

What Is Truth?

Here’s where that truth is vitally important, and each of us must do the excavation required within ourselves: Did you enter your marriage with unresolved emotional wounds from the past? Often, we’re unaware of the depth of those wounds. We fool ourselves into thinking they’re buried in the layers of our past. In reality, those wounds lay just beneath the surface, resurfacing again and again.

Imagine that you purchase a beautiful pair of leather Italian loafers. With proper care they should last a lifetime. A special oil to protect the leather is included with your purchase. Regular treatment is recommended to ensure the life of the shoes. But by and by, you get busy, a little lazy, and yes, a little careless too. You’re not as careful with the shoes as you once were. Not even applying the oil protector anymore, you slosh through rain, take shortcuts through snow, and, instead of drying them properly, you sling them haphazardly in the garage each time.

Stay grounded in not only who you are but also in "Whose you are." Don’t permit yourself to be caught and held captive by Satan’s lies. Spiritual truths rule!

Then one day you slip your feet into your shoes and are shocked to see the soles are doing this little "slap, slap, slap," as you walk. Looking down, you’re shocked to see they need new soles. You can’t believe how dingy and dirty they’ve become. They’re also all you have. Ashamed and embarrassed, you understand the reality: at least for the foreseeable future, you must walk in broken shoes.

Is it any different with your heart? If you’re feeling the "slap, slap, slap" of your broken "shoes," or if the "soles" are showing signs of wear and tear, perhaps that monster called jealousy has chased you long enough.

Do the whispers of "you’re not pretty, thin, smart, talented, (you fill in the blank)" tear your heart down? If so, with what do you counter them? If you don’t counter these lies with truth, the downward spiral begins. And without warning, you too are trudging through life wearing brokenhearted shoes.